Mike has a marine engineering and nautical background having served in the Royal Navy for over 20 years. He has previously completed many oceanic crossings including the Atlantic,Pacific and Drake Passage, albeit in a very different size of vessel.

The final years of his military career were at the Naval School of Sailing where he educated trainees in the use of both power and sail boats, and regularly crossed the English Channel in all weathers, navigating by the stars.

During this time Mike was an active member of the Traditional Rowing Team and has participated in theLondon River Race on several occasions. Since leaving the military, Mike has embarked on a career in building engineering and has participated in various endurance-based charity fundraising activities.

The Talisker Pacific Challenge appealed to Mike as a great way to raise awareness for the team’s chosen charities Nacoa and MIND, in an event which promises to challenge his body, mind and teamwork.